Efficient and cost-effective control
through nondestructive measurement



When handled correctly, our devices are largely failure-resilient and have a long service lifetime. When devices are used for control measurements as part of construction acceptance testing and for accounting, their function and accuracy must be validated at regular intervals. In addition to our calibration service, we also offer maintenance services for your device. Our maintenance services include the replacement of mechanical parts (wear parts), minor repair work, validation of all function-relevant components and device cleaning. Upon request, we will validate the device's accuracy (not calibration) and the function of accessories, replace a worn-out battery and perform a firmware update.
We recommend to have the device's firmware or software updated regularly (update service).

MIT Service & Wartung


Repair work is performed by our trained and experienced in-house staff. Replacement parts are kept in stock in case they are required for worn or defective components. Should, on rare occasion, repair work be required, please consult us. We will be glad to advise you and provide a cost estimate.
Mechanical components can be ordered as spare parts, and where appropriate, be replaced by the customers themselves (e.g. axles and wheels).


Our calibration and maintenance agreements for the thickness measuring device offer prime services with a low price to-performance ratio. Contractual services, such as minor repairs and calibration, are carried out as soon as possible and with no bureaucratic overhead. Nevertheless, should ever a major repair become necessary, we will be glad to provide a cost estimate. Once we receive your order, we assure expeditious handling.
Another advantage of a maintenance agreement is that it includes a device firmware update and an update service for the MIT data transfer software.
In case you cannot afford to do without the MIT-SCAN-T2 during its repair, we can by arrangement, provide you a loan device free of charge.

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