Efficient and cost-effective control
through nondestructive measurement

MIT Mess-und Prüftechnik GmbH

MIT Mess- und Prüftechnik GmbH is a company focused on the development, manufacture and distribution of specialized electronic measurement systems and is based in Dresden, Germany.

Its innovative nondestructive measuring and testing methods based on electromagnetic pulse induction technology are designed for use in road construction and civil engineering. Applications include quality control during construction, or accounting and inspections of construction works. Mid-sized and large construction companies, road construction authorities, private calibration laboratories and engineering offices as well as universities are among our customers.

As producers of precision measurement technology, we set the highest standards on the quality and accuracy of the components we use. Almost all our suppliers are based in Germany, many are from our region. Our products therefore rightfully claim to be "Made in Germany".

The history of today's MIT Mess- und Prüftechnik GmbH started in 1995 when the company was first founded in Dresden by two physicists. They originally had developed the technology based on pulse induction for explosive ordnance detection and disposal devices. Since the turn of the century, the technique is being used for nondestructive measurement in road works. Though initially introduced in road construction only in Germany, after 2005 their use was expanded to various countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Their distribution in the US is progressing especially well. In several US states, measuring dowel bar positions with pulse induction has become mandatory in new construction projects. Since 2015, the ASTM standard E3013 regulates its application as a standardized test method.
The German standard TP D-StB 12 “Technical specifications for determining pavement layer thickness in road construction” was published in spring 2013 and redefines electromagnetic layer thickness measurement in Germany.

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