Precision and efficiency in road construction and civil engineering

MIT Mess- und Prüftechnik GmbH develops compact measurement devices for the fast, exact and effective analysis of asphalt or concrete pavements with regard to layer thickness and dowel bar positions.
Thanks to the nondestructive nature of electromagnetic layer thickness and dowel position measurements, mechanical effects can be reduced to a minimum. Our devices are simple to operate and have been adapted based on user requirements. Their application versatility offers solutions far surpassing those provided by conventional measurement techniques used in road construction.
Construction companies benefit already within ongoing construction projects, consulting engineers and inspection bodies within the evaluation process and authorities within the procedures for control and acceptance of road projects.

MIT-devices are running successfully with clients in 19 countries worldwide and have influenced quality control and insurance among others especially in Germany and North America over the last years. The MIT measuring method found its way into National Standards in Germany, Europe, the US and India. Others are following as nondestructive measurement methods are becoming continously more and more relevant. The benefit of the MIT-App as well as an interface for BIM-applications are only two additional benefits to be mentioned.

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8. Dresdner Asphalttage am 7. und 8. Dezember 2023

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